Do I Need a Root Canal?

ToothacheMost people tend to panic at the mere thought of needing a root canal, thanks in large part to misconceptions and popular myths about the pain and trauma involved with the procedure. In reality, a root canal is a fairly straightforward procedure that is very similar to getting a dental filling, and will actually relieve the pain associated with an infected or severely decayed tooth. In many cases, a root canal is the only option available to save a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Dr. Ken Rothschild, a dentist in Leesburg, VA, offers cosmetic and restorative dentistry services for children and adults.

Root Canal Therapy in Leesburg, VA

A root canal is prescribed when the soft tissue inside a tooth (known as the pulp) becomes inflamed or infected, usually as a result of trauma or severe tooth decay. Pain or signs of an infection are the most common signs of damage that may require treatment with root canal therapy, but the dentist will have to examine your tooth and take an X-ray to determine if one is needed.

Despite its reputation, the actual process is very similar to filling a cavity and will provide relief from your symptoms once completed. After applying an anesthetic to numb the area and keep you comfortable, the dentist will drill a small hole in the tooth and removed the damaged and infected pulp tissue to clean out the tooth. The tooth is then sealed and protected with a dental crown and will feel and function as good as new.

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