Are You Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits?

Are you good at oral hygiene? Brushing, flossing, professional cleanings--are they important part of your life? What about diet? Is it oral hygieneconducive to strong enamel and vibrant gum tissue? The answers to these questions show in your smile. At Rothschild Dental in Leesburg, VA, your oral health is the priority of your dentists, Dr. Ken Rothschild and Dr. Michael Gwaltney. Their expertise and genuine interest in their patients' well-being extends to home dental habits. Learn more here about this important arm of preventive dentistry.

Eat, brush, floss

How healthy your gums and tooth enamel are depends, in large part, on your diet and how well you brush and floss your teeth. We all know that sugar and carbs wreak havoc on tooth enamel; so it's best to limit them in our diets and to brush and floss as soon as possible when we do consume them.

Why is sugar so bad? It's because the bacteria in our mouths- proliferate in a carb-rich environment, and with a lot of bacteria comes a lot of acid, which corrodes enamel and causes an infection called gum disease.

So your dentists in Leesburg recommend limiting soda pop, candy, and starchy breads. Instead, substitute low-fat proteins, hard cheeses, milk, and fiber in the form of vegetables and fruits. They discourage the build-up of bacteria-laden plaque and tartar, and just keep your mouth cleaner. Additionally, make sure you stay well-hydrated to keep saliva at optimal levels and to wash your teeth and gums.

After healthy meals and before bedtime, be sure to brush and floss. The American Dental Association says twice a day for two minutes is best for brushing. Choose an ADA-accepted toothpaste and soft brush, and rinse well with clear water or a mouth rinse which your dentist may recommend.

Regarding daily flossing, it's indispensable to healthy gums. If you don't floss, your hygienist at Rothschild Dental will see signs of neglect--mild gingivitis all the way to periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease. That's the number one cause of tooth loss in the US, states the Centers for Disease Control, and gum disease can harm your overall health, too.

Partner with us

All that to say, eat well, brush and floss, and if you have concerns about your oral health, call Rothschild Dental right away. Through semi-annual check-ups, X-rays as needed and thorough cleanings that make your teeth shine, you can have a great looking and well functioning smile for life.

At Rothschild Dental in Leesburg, VA, Dr. Rothschild and Dr. Gwaltney look forward to serving your oral health needs. Contact the office today for your routine appointment, and let's talk more about the benefits of daily oral hygiene. Phone (703) 777-3150.

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