Signs You May Need a Filling
By Rothschild Dental
July 10, 2019
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Filling  

If you are experiencing tooth pain, there is a good chance a dental filling can help you. Today’s dental filling materials can restore both the strength and the beauty of your smile. Dr. Ken Rothschild at Rothschild Dental in Leesburg, VA, offers dental fillings that can give you back your smile.

Tooth pain can be excruciating, and a sure sign you need to visit your dentist. Dr. Rothschild will do a comprehensive dental examination and x-rays to determine how to relieve your pain and restore your smile. You may need a dental filling if you experience:

  • Sharp pain when you bite down or chew
  • Throbbing or aching pain with exposure to hot, cold, or sweet foods or drinks
  • A continuous toothache that doesn’t resolve

You may also notice a visible hole, crack, or dark area on the surface of your tooth. These are often definite signs of tooth decay. You may also need a new filling if you have a filling that is cracked, damaged, or has crumbling margins. These are signs your filling is probably leaking and there may be decay underneath the old filling.

If you need a filling, there are several materials to choose from, and your dentist can help you decide on the best choice for you. Consider:

  • A tooth-colored filling, if you want both cosmetic beauty and strength; these fillings are made with composite, a unique liquid resin material that can be matched to the color of your teeth, and sculpted to match the natural contours of your teeth. Once they are placed, tooth-colored fillings are virtually invisible.
  • A metal filling, known as amalgam; this is often a less expensive option that lasts for many years. Metal fillings are not as natural-looking, but they do have great strength. They are an excellent choice for back teeth where you need increased strength for chewing.
  • A glass ionomer filling, which is a great choice for root surfaces; it can also be color-matched, so it is virtually invisible after it has been placed.

If you need a filling, don’t worry. Your dentist offers a full range of filling materials to restore both the strength and beauty of your smile. For more information about fillings and other dental services, call Dr. Ken Rothschild at Rothschild Dental in Leesburg, VA, today!